Algae Mass Development

An overabundance of nutrients …

A mass development of algae affects the health of swimmers and interferes with technical processes in water treatment.

Mass development of phytoplankton and / or cyanobacteria are the result of an excessive nutrient supply in the aquatic environment. They affect aquatic ecosystems with a variety of adverse consequences up to the complete devaluation of entire ecosystems (eutrophication).

The most effective steps against eutrophication are the permanent and drastic reduction of nutrient supply. It is achieved by protecting waters.

But sometimes a rapid reduction or elimination of nutrients is not possible. Biocides (poisons) are not a viable strategy.

The use of ultrasound has been developed for the treatment of algae mass developments in irrigation systems in vegetable production about 10 years ago. This research project has explored how to improve the designed efficiently in industry and natural waters, in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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