Ultraschall :: Kontrolle und Reduktion von Algen-Massenbildung

High Tech – Ultrasound

The advantage over previous measures to reduce algae …

No toxins are used. Because sound travels extremely well under water, ultrasonic technology uses only very small amounts of energy. To treat an area of 300 x 150 m with ultrasound, the energy consumption is only 80 watts (equalling the energy of a light bulb, which is sufficient to reach and treat an area of about six football fields).

The use of ultrasound to control algae mass developments has been developed over the last 10 years for various application areas in different European countries, including the treatment of irrigation systems, fish farming, as well as industry applications and the treatment of natural pools.

This technology can not only cut costs on conventional biocides but support restructuring measures in the aquatic environment, wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, and diverse home applications ‚Äď with far-reaching ecological and economic benefits for all.

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