Ultraschall :: Kontrolle und Reduktion von Algen-Massenbildung

Research Goal

The testing, investigation and review in collaboration with renowned research partners …

The details of how and why extremely small and lightweight sound waves attenuate the growth of microscopic algae cells is still not fully understood at present.

To document the positive effects but also to monitor unintended side effects for micro fauna and flora, physicists and biologists work together within this interdisciplinary research project.

The applied ultrasound waves are many times weaker than those used within medical ultrasound applications. Based on the agreed upon safety limits for medical applications, there are no side effects to be expected for swimmers. Nevertheless a precautionary distance of 1 meter to the ultrasound transmitter are recommended.

To widen the responsible usage of the ultrasound technique within the public domain and industry applications, the mechanisms of activity as well as a review and investigation of concerns are part of the joint project, tested over 30 months in application areas:

a) industrial process water circuit
b) reduction of plankton volume in bathing waters

The investigation and review of the ultrasound technique is accompanied by renowned research partners.

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